Hey Fam! Yeah YOU! Do you love your ‘Hood? Does your block have one of the best wing spots, salons, barber shops or maybe someone on your block has got the hottest bars. We here at The Source want you to show us your filmmaking skills in capturing your neighborhood, its culture and people.  Take us on a journey of your “hood highlights” and introduce us to your city’s most influential people, places and things.  Submit your best work in a short-form video that showcases all the cool spots around your way that make your ‘Hood special.  We are putting the creative freedom in your hands with this one!

Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information

We want you to Rep Ya ‘Hood!

To participate, send your videos to our dropbox by clicking the link and following the guidelines below:

  • Videos should be anywhere from 2 minutes minimum to 10 minutes max.

  • In your submission, state your name, location, and details of what you’re filming.

    • Please also include your email and social media handles.

  • No obscene language or lewd behavior, nudity, violence, or weapons.

  • Video Quality must be clear in at least 1080p resolution.



    • Ex: JohnDoe_RepYaHood

  • Your submission must be original content and free of any infringing use of other party’s works or copyrights.

  • Your submission grants The Source the right to fully use and distribute the content in accordance with our Source Submission Policy (SSP).

To submit, please upload your video file here.