The hottest song in the world right now is Drake’s “In My Feelings, which currently has the entire world singing the opening lines of “Keke do you love me? Are you riding” but the question remains, who is the mysterious Keke? Well, Drake fans may have tracked her down as they have begun to contact Aubrey’s ex Keshia Chanté.

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For a quick dive back into Drake history, he dated Keshia Chanté way back in the day and Drake has often been vocal about his feelings toward the TV personality. The connection of Drizzy with Keshia for the song isn’t so farfetched when the names are matched. With Instagram being the current hub of questions, fans hit Keshia’s DMs to investigate, which she shared on her Instagram story.

“I’m so sorry to say this but can u please tell drake that u love him (not as a bf) this challenge is getting way to out of hand I’m just tired of going on my explore page and the first thing that pops up is deke challenge,” one user writes.


“Kiki, do u love me?” another one asks. “One more question. Are u riding?”

While Keshia, our current Keke, does share the messages from the curious fans, she does not share if she is actually the one that is the focus of this summer’s smash. But a little snooping from fans did uncover a tweet that seemingly alludes to “In My Feelings.” Check out the Keshia’s tweet below.

love you, mean it. ? (bday festivities now saved in my Instagram Story Highlights)

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