The lawyer who was hired to represent the infamous judge presiding over Meek Mill’s probation case has supposedly sided with the rapper. Judge Genece Brinkley hired Charles Peruto Jr. as her lawyer so that he could defend her from attacks prompted by Meek Mill’s attorney Joseph Tacopina. However, prior to Judge Brinkley’s denial of Meek Mill’s new trial, Charles Peruto Jr. was caught on tape during the filming of a documentary about Meek Mill, stating that he agrees with Meek Mill’s defense team.

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The lawyer made clear through his comments that due to both the prosecutors and defense team being in agreeance that Meek Mill may not have received a fair trial, the rapper should have been granted a new trial upon the request by prosecutors. Peruto was caught on tape saying, “Prosecution and defense agree — goodbye.” He is then overheard insulting Brinkley, stating “She looks f—ing awful.”

The comments were caught by a film crew working on a documentary about Meek Mill’s probation case. The documentary is being completed as a joint project between Roc Nation and Amazon. Peruto claims, “Tape or no tape, I don’t believe I said it. If I said something off the record, it should not be on the transcript.”