Brooklyn rap legend Lil’ Kim is pleading with a bankruptcy judge to stop the sale of her mansion as a part of her bankruptcy case.

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According to court documents, the Hardcore femcee claims she originally filed for bankruptcy to save her house from a public auction and take care of some outstanding tax debt. The singer now claims to be devoted to digging herself out of her financial hole, explaining,

“I remain committed to saving my home and reorganizing my debts.”

Kim is asking that the judge allows her to change her case into a Chapter 11 instead of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which would give her the opportunity save the home by consolidating debts and setting up plans to repay what she owes.


One of Kim’s creditors recently filed a motion to take action against the award-winning rapper’s New Jersey mansion, claiming she missed her June 1 payment of $10,155.47. The creditor is asking that the home be sold to the highest bidder, with the property listed as being worth at least $2 million.

The judge has yet to rule on what’s to happen to Kim’s New Jersey home.