Probably the most mainstream single ever made by Bun B and Pimp C, “Big Pimpin'”, was a popular hit that appeared on Jay-z’s triple platinum album Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter, which is undoubtedly one of his most successful albums.

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In an interview with BET, West Coast legend Too Short explains how “Big Pimpin'” almost didn’t happen because Pimp C, who passed away in 2007, was “conflicted” about doing a song with Jay-Z, who only a few years earlier, was embroiled in a all out rap war with the late Tupac Shakur.

In the latest installment of the outlet’s “I Talked To” series, the Oakland, Hip Hop icon and shared the insight he had into what eventually led to Pimp’s decision to cut his infamous verse for “Big Pimpin’.” The hesitation, Short Dog says, involved ‘Pac.