Reports have developed over the summer that Minnesota Timberwolves small forward Jimmy Butler wants out of his current team when his contract is up stating the efforts of his teammates do not match his and his desire to want to play with friend Kyrie Irving. But when the Timberwolves made an offer to extend his contract for four more years bringing in over $100 million and he declined, it still registered as a shocker.

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Taking to ESPN 1500 radio, T-Wolves owner Glen Taylor revealed the desire to keep Butler on their team for years to come, but Jimmy and his management decided to turn down the offer. He did note that Butler’s side did respect the effort that they gave and the quality approach they maintained.

“We offered him the extension, and they’ve met and come back to us and said they’re really appreciative of it,” Taylor said. “They appreciate that we got to them right away and all that, but they declined it.”


Jimmy Butler is no stranger to betting on himself. During his time with the Chicago Bulls, management tried to lock him into an extension for four years at $44 million, which declined. The following year was his breakout season netting him an NBA Most Improved Player award and landing him into the discussion of one of the top players in the entire NBA. By rejecting the offer this time, not only do options open up for Jimmy’s career, but the possibility for a bigger payday is now on the table with the salary cap raising right before 2019 NBA free agency.