The Carters have made its way up on the Forbes list! Reports from Forbes are saying that the couple is worth a combined total of $1.255 billion dollars. The magazine has released their annual list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women, in where Beyonce is at the No. 53 spot of $355 million from touring, endorsements and music. Jay-Z net worth is $900 million. He is ranked at No. 1 on the top five Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artist known. It includes his business ventures that consist of Roc Nation, Tidal, and D’usse.

The Carters have recently released their surprise album, Everything is Love, on June 16. They have announced it in the middle of their London show. They are racking and earning money by the On The Run tour with over $400 million so far. They wrap up the European tour on Tuesday, July 17 and will head to North American to start the tour on Wednesday, July 25. They are also nominated with eight awards on MTV Video Music Awards with their single “APESH*T.” If you haven’t seen the visual of the hit single “APESH*T,” watch it below.