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Childish Gambino has praised the Donald Trump balloon which protestors in London inflated over the weekend.

The US President visited the UK for four days last week for a “working visit”, but his presence in the country sparked a number of protests. The most notable demonstration occurred in central London as a group of protestors inflated a giant effigy of Trump, depicting him as an orange baby.

During his headline set at Lovebox on Saturday night (July 14), Gambino took a moment to praise the efforts of the protestors and the city of London in general, where he lived last year while filming Solo: A Star Wars Story.


“I lived in London for a whole year. that shit changed my life,” he said during the set. “You know we’re not that different. I’ve been seeing the same shit here that I be seeing in America.”

“I used to be like, ‘Oh man, London can’t be that bad, you don’t got guns like that.’ And then y’all came out with the acid, I was like, ‘Oh fuck! That shit is terrifying.’”

“But everybody feels the same way,” he continued. “I was very proud to see that big balloon [of Trump]. That shit is unfair. But the scary part is you gotta fight for that shit. I know it’s scary as people with a bunch of technology and data to fight for shit, because you know what happens to people who fight for shit.