Azealia Banks is having a hard time making friends everywhere she goes. She was a special guest on MTV’s Wild N’ Out and needless to say, she expressed her thoughts on being featured on the show and she was less than happy.

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Banks took a couple of the jokes to heart, according to the Hip Hop improv show’s crew, claiming they were “pre-planned colorist jokes” and that it hurt her feelings. Instead of firing back with that mouth of hers, she remained silent until her performance.

One of her followers asked how she replied to the remarks and she wrote, “I cried. I wanted to go off but I couldn’t. Too many people from Viacom there.”


She then continued on to explain how the ambiance was a negative one. “It all came too fast and the entire cast reeked of Bible belt homophobic homosexuality,” the “212” rapper continued. “I hated my experience.”

Emanuel Hudson, Wild N’ Out comedian, clapped back via Twitter and Instagram. He told his side of the story, emphasizing that Banks was just a weak guest who couldn’t take jokes.

“Azelia B came on that show, got caled ugly, tried to joke back, didn’t work, cried, then performed a weak a** forever 21 shopping song. Nothing more, nothing less. Literally there were two jokes made about her and they weren’t even bad. It was a [bleeped] reference and she was called ugly! That’s it! She tried to joke back. It didn’t work and the producers stopped the game cuz they knew she was headed for a deep fry! She left after the first game, came back and didn’t say a single word till her performance! AFTER THE SHOW! She performed a song but the moment was ruined so WE AS THE CAST STARTED PRETENDING TO BE MODELS AS SHE PERFORMED AND SAVED HER FROM FURTHER EMBARRASSMENT! The end! She wasn’t ambushed or tricked, she was just bitter and a weak special guest.”

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