Last week The Dream took to Instagram to announce his excitement in regards to his most recent business move with Nile Rodgers, Merck Mercuriadis, and Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited. Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited is an investment company with an objective to provide Shareholders with an attractive and growing level of income, together with the potential for capital growth, from investment in songs and associated musical intellectual property rights.

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Aligning with the Hipgnosis’ overall objective, the Merck Mercuriadis fund payed The Dream $23 million to buy 75% of his catalog rights in which he will retain the left over 25%. The Dream stated:

“I’m proud to be part of this beautiful venture. Merck is a music titan who began his career well before I ever imagined having one. His futuristic views captured my attention and instantly made an impact. Merck sees me as I see myself. I sought out to be my generation’s Babyface and Dr. Dre, he sees the same. In making this decision I said to Merck, ‘I need a Jimmy Iovine in my life,’ not just to nurture my songs but to also help solidify the legacy I seek for myself and my songs even after I’m gone, for my children and beyond. His reply was simply ‘I Got it!, and after came action like the one you see playing out today in real time.”

In addition to landing such a major deal, The Dream is also now a member of Hipgnosis’ Advisory Board in which Mercuriadis stated, “It’s critical for us to set the highest standards with our first acquisition”.


Hipgnosis has already identified 7 other pipeline catalogs in which they are planning to pursue or are already pursuing to close other deals that are very similar to The Dream’s. Congrats to The Dream on years of legendary work that allowed for him to spearhead the rollout of this new investment venture on behalf of Mercuriadis, Rodgers, and Hipgnosis.