While all eyes were on President Barack Obama on Tuesday for his address before the Mandela Foundation, just that Monday all eyes were on his granny.
During his trip to the motherland, he made sure that he stopped to see his family in Kenya. This is his first visit to this East African country since leaving his post as Best POTUS Ever.

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The trip was a family affair. In the tradition of grassroots organizing that launched her brother’s career, Auma Obama opened her foundation Sauti Kuu. This center is a sports and training facility that will be open to poor children across the region. Obama was seen tossing the ball with locals and hamming it up with the crowd.

But what stole the show was when the celebration dropped some tunes and the crowd started to party. Barack stepped up to do a two-step and that was cute. But then his 96 year old grandmother, Sarah Obama hopped out her wheelchair and cut it up.


Though the clip is brief, you can only imagine the jubilation felt in the room. Mama Obama has gone on record with the pride she has as the grandmother to America’s best president ever!

Let’s take it even further, he is probably the most notable political leader ever. And that’s something to dance about.