While Marvel studios dominate the big screens,  DC Comics is doing very well on the television screen. Things are about to get more interesting for DC on the CW Network.

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The CW has announced that it is working on a Batwoman TV show for the 2019 season, created by the people responsible for the CW hit Arrow and written and executive produced by Caroline Dries, who created The Vampire Diaries. The characters will be based on their current DC comic iterations, which means that Batwoman will be an out lesbian who identifies as Jewish and works as a street fighter to bring justice to the people.

Kate Kane is an openly gay Gotham City heiress who decides to take up the vigilante mantle of Batwoman after being inspired by Batman. But in the comics, she mostly exists on the periphery of Batman’s “family” of orphans and Batgirls — she is a badass independent agent who doesn’t need no Batman.


Much like Batman, Batwoman is a wealthy crime fighter who chooses to use her money to build a crime-fighting empire. Although the series is only in development, it will most likely be picked up based on how strong the popularity is for the CW’s DC Comics-based shows. A Batwoman series would check so many boxes and demographic missing into television landscape, especially with the addition of a lead LGBT character.