A lot of fans were disappointed to hear news of Snoop Dogg’s alleged infidelity. However, the Doggfather is getting a good laugh out of the situation.

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In fact, he has found a way for fans to laugh with him. He just dropped the official trailer for his new show “Clout Chasers.” It turns out, Snoop hand-picked Celina Powell and her “proof” was all part of her “audition.”

Exposing her as clout chaser, the trailer backpedals to Powell’s apology for lying about Offset being the father of her unborn child. The camera then cuts to text messages of her asking “how do I audition for season one?


Snoop looks into the camera while savagely responding, “you already did bitch.” Clearly, the theme of the show has some validity.

The trailer also exposed other known Instagram personalities such as 9-year-old Lil Tay and 18-year-old Woah Vicky.

Lil Tay stepped into the spotlight by sharing videos of herself flaunting a lavish lifestyle that most adult “haters” can’t afford. Her antics even earned her an appearance on “Good  Morning America.”

Meanwhile, Woah Vicky earned a personal response from Snoop himself after she shared a video of her and friends calling him old while threatening him with guns. For that, she also became the subject of an LAPD investigation. Snoop made sure to add her apology video to the trailer.

All in all, Snoop Dogg is not a cheater. Instead, he is an effective marketing genius who knows how to prove a point and provide more income for his family.