Wiz Khalifa returned to the Hip-Hop scene this past week with his new album Rolling Papers 2. He will be touring the album and other songs from his catalog across the country for the rest of the summer but one of the album’s singles is receiving some backlash and Wiz isn’t worried about it.

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“Hot Now” is the single in question where he uses he brings his stoner life back to the forefront in reference to his eyes being low due to his marijuana use. On the song Wiz raps:

Don’t need a detector, I can see the lies
I’m a different type of being
Drive the type of whip your bitches like to be in
Smoke got my eyes lookin’ Korean

During his press run, Wiz dropped by The Breakfast Club and states that the lyrics are not racist, nor should they be taken seriously. “I have Korean friends who are not offended, so I don’t know those people who are saying that,” he shared during his interview.


Even with Korean friends should Wiz have been more cautious in his lyric choice? Let us know in the comments. Rolling Papers 2 is now available on all streaming platforms.