The beauty of a Hip-Hop mind is that it will always recognize raw talent from a purist stance. Yasiin Bey and advertising executive Free Richardson have teamed up to open an art gallery called The Compound, artnet News reports. Stationed in the South Bronx, The Compound will be a place for marginalized artists to showcase their work without any forced institutionalized judgment.

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The Black Star legend will hold down the organization of collections and special projects, while Richardson will take charge of daily operations. “The gallery will serve as a space for all mediums of art,” Bey said. “Free will run day-to-day operations alongside staff and I will bring in curatorial and special projects.”

With a goal to unleash to next KAWS or Jean-Michel Basquiat, the profound duo found the South Bronx to be an ideal location for the gallery due to the New York City borough’s famed Hip-Hop origins. The approach for The Compound is rather subjective, as the connection between street and fine art will be visually broken down as Bey and Free seek to find the next artist to break the struggling barrier. The art establishment tends to only favor urban art when it serves the convenience of a lucrative endeavor. The coming of The Compound aims to debunk such a mentality.  “For me everything is art,” Richardson disclosed. “What often happens is that certain artists don’t get a fair chance, and a lot of galleries don’t accept certain artists. The whole blue-chip world isn’t fair because certain artists that are just as good will never be accepted.”


The Compound will host its first show in the middle of August, an avid display of the monumental work of Jonathan Mannion, one of Hip-Hop’s most iconic photographers reigning from the ’90s who has taken the most recognized flicks of legends in the likes of Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill and Nas. The profound Bronx gallery is an extension of Richardson’s Bronx-based studio and workshop facility which was also slated The Compound he opened back in 2008. Here, there was steady representation for artists. Information on the new gallery has not been released, however, at this time it will only focus on exhibitions. Overall, the gallery’s agenda appears to be in sync with the wellness of Hip-Hop. Bey, a now “retired” emcee continues to contribute his smarts to cultivate the culture in such a purist way.

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