Wrestling is already a niche sport with limited representation of color. So when an iconic wrestling figure like a Hulk Hogan makes a racist remark, one must wonder where does the minorities in wrestling stand?

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Over the weekend news broke that the WWE was reinstating Hogan into the company’s Hall of Fame. Since the announcement, the WWE has been pretty silent about Hogan returning to the company and did not mention his name on either the Extreme Rules broadcast or Monday (July 16) night’s episode of Monday Night Raw.


Hogan reportedly met with current wrestlers backstage at the event in Pittsburgh and addressed the controversy with the WWE locker room, though there are varying reports of how well it was received. According to WWE legend Mark Henry, there is a “50/50 split” among African American wrestlers.

On Wednesday, Kofi Kingston took to Twitter to release quite the powerful message on behalf of the New Day. As you’d expect, the group has been getting bombarded by calls for their take on the matter, and now they have given just that. Quite possibly the most striking part of the statement was when it was revealed that the three will not associate with Hogan until they see a “genuine effort to change.”

Fellow WWE star Titus O’Neil echoed The New Day’s statement, tweeting that he was in “full agreement and support of everything” that Kingston, Big E and Woods had laid out.

Hogan is seemingly back in the WWE but clearly thanks to social media, Black wrestlers have a platform to express themselves outside the ring. Hogan has a lot of work to do if he truly wants to repair his relationship with the current roster of WWE talent. A roster that once idolized him as kids, only to be let down by their hero.