We weren’t the only ones who were surprised by the marriage of Stevie J and Faith Evans, their friends and family and dear companions were caught by surprise too, and they’re not upbeat about it.

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Family sources on the two sides tell TMZ they weren’t even given a heads up about marriage being a possibility. Faith was in Los Angeles gearing up for a trip to London, and Stevie was in Atlanta filming for Love and Hip Hop. So the fact that they tied the knot in Vegas floored everyone.

The tabloid reports there is a considerable measure of hurt emotions among those near the couple particularly their children. CJ Wallace, her kid with Biggie Smalls, is particularly disturbed since he’s likewise the producer’s godson.


Family sources on Faith’s side said the singer admitted that Stevie proposed on Tuesday and said the marriage had to happen that day because her family would try to sway her out of it. When the bomb dropped and Faith’s family asked her why’d she do it the following day, she responded with her latest song that she created with the hitmaker titled, “A Minute.”

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