In the wake of inking a four-year $153 million deal to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James may already be thinking about different sources of income in the wake of resigning from the NBA. As per Maverick Carter, his business partner, James is hoping to claim a U.S. professional sports franchise like basketball or football.

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“He does like football and he’s looked at football ownership, so he’ll be owning a basketball team and running it,” Carter told Variety’s Audrey Cleo.

James as of now claims a 2% stake in England’s Liverpool soccer club. Meanwhile, while LeBron is busy in the sports world, Carter has his eyes set on media and content production.


The SpringHill Entertainment founder as of now has a full plate while chipping away at Uninterrupted, a media creation organization which he portrays as a stage for athletes to have a platform to recount stories outside of their lives on the field, the court, the ice, and so on.

“They are more than just athletes, but sometimes the world doesn’t see them that way,” Carter said. “Once the world sees you as that one thing, and the better you are at that thing, the more you can only be that thing.”

Carter said the organization has “tons” of undertakings descending the pipeline from conventional network shows and motion pictures to online-only content. One case is the YouTube unique arrangement debuting on July 18 called “Absolute best,” a docu-series chronicling the rough existences of a gathering of secondary school b-ball players in an agitated neighborhood. “The best, most creative, most authentic content and stories will win, will rise to the top,” Carter said.

James’ other ongoing ventures incorporate Beats by Dre and the Blaze Pizza chain.