Hey fam! We’ve been getting submissions in for Rep Ya Hood and so far so good.  However we would like to give you all a little taste of what we are looking for.

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As per guidelines all videos should include your contact information.  It could be at the beginning, the end, in the title of your video etc.   We would also like for you guys to say who you are, what place(s) your are mentioning, and give us a little history about the place and why it’s special and represents your ‘hood. Think of MTV Cribs: Rep Ya Hood edition.

Aside from the places and things that make your ‘hood special we want to see people too.  Is there the one person thats always around giving knowledge? How about you or somebody on your block that has the hottest 16? Show us, shout them out tell us who they are and why you think they represent your ‘hood and of course drop a beat and have them spit for us.



*Refer to the official instructions and guidelines for your submissions here: http://thesource.com/2018/07/12/rep-ya-hood-video-submissions/