The whole world is going crazy over “In My Feelings” challenge.

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The dance craze has taken the world by storm, causing people to hop out their cars anywhere and rock their own version of “The Shiggy” for the ‘Gram. Creator of the dance, Shiggy, is living his best life. He recently was invited to the ESPY awards and met up with Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara.

The energy was high and everything seemed to go well, until the cameras popped out. Shiggy props himself up to snap a quick flick with your girl “Ci Ci” and slyly pushes Wilson out the way. Look at the Seahawks’ most valued quarterback’s face… he goes from shock to amusement in less than 60 seconds.


Who can blame him? Have you seen Ciara lately? She is fine and that yellow dress was probably hard to resist.

#PressPlay: Wait, why #Shiggy do #RussellWilson like that though ?

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All done in good humor, Wilson went to his IG to do some more clowning.

#PressPlay: #RussellWilson has a few words for #Shiggy ? (view earlier post)

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The couple seems to really love Shiggy. Check out their version of the challenge.