Now this may be a complicated one to figure out.

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Actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd ranted on social media about being racially profiled in a Staples store, which ultimately got the alleged racist employee fired.

Well, the Staples worker, Janice Reyes, fired back at Shepherd for the social media shaming, suing Shepherd and all of the publications who covered the story, including CBS and The Wendy Williams Show.


The Less Than Perfect star slammed Reyes as a racist for not letting her use the Hollywood store’s bathroom. Reyes claims that her manager told her that the bathrooms were being repaired and to not let any customers enter.

Reyes says that she was fired five days after Shepherd’s social media post. Reyes says she was told she was getting fired for cursing, but she thinks the real reason was the racism accusations.

She’s suing for loss of wages and other damages. She’s suing CBS because it aired “Inside Edition” … which also covered the story.