A month after his death, XXXTentacion’s mother still struggles with dealing with the loss of her son. Hopefully, she can find comfort in knowing that a grand jury decided to indict four men implicated in his murder.

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Today (July 19) Michael Boatwright, Trayvon Newsome, Dedrick Williams and Robert Allen are all accused of first-degree murder with a firearm as well as armed robbery with a firearm. Williams and Boatwright are already in police custody. Now authorities are searching for Allen and Newsome.

Authorities believe Boatwright and Newsome are the two triggermen behind the armed ambush of the 20-year-old rapper. Based on court documents, authorities say it was Boatwright who fired the fatal shots before Dedrick Williams eventually sped away from the scene. He was the first suspect taken into custody last month.


Court documents also imply that Allen was a willing participant in the robbery which led to murder. Initially, police viewed him as a person of interest. Furthermore, we learn that the four men did, in fact, calculate their attack on X.

Back on June 18, X was in Deerfield Beach, FL where he visited Riva Motorsports to purchase a motorcycle. Not long after exiting the shop, he returned to his car which was parked near the store. Then he was ambushed, as a struggle ensued he was fatally shot in his car. He was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Although X wasn’t loved by everyone, it seemed like the young man was beginning to change his ways. As tragic as his death is, X made sure to take care of his family. It turns out, he drafted a will in 2017, he purchased new homes for various members and even signed a deal worth $10 million. While he may be gone, his music remains.