Donald Trump arriving in England caused massive protests, which included “a giant balloon depicting the U.S. leader as an angry, screaming orange baby in a diaper, clutching a cellphone with Twitter on the screen.” England certainly brought the creativity for their protests, but who knew 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth had some shade up her sleeve or rather on her sleeve for for the Don?

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According to confirmed reports, she wore a brooch that was given to her by Barack and Michelle Obama. Queen Elizabeth rocked the American-made, 14-karat yellow gold flower when she met with Trump earlier this month.

The New York Post reports, “the piece, encrusted with diamonds and moss agate, was selected and personally purchased from the tiny Jewel Box jewelry store in Washington, DC, by Obama and his wife in 2011 and is also known as the ‘American State Brooch.’”


The Trump beef with Buckingham Palace isn’t something that has gone unnoticed. When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were marrying, Harry was forced to not invite the Obamas because Trump was furious that the Prince didn’t invite him and his wife, the current First Family of the U.S.

No one from the Royal family has commented on the Brooch worn buy the Queen.