As a hopeful remedy to the headlines regarding protests and the actual action itself, the National Football League placed a new regulation in place for the upcoming season that required standing for the anthem if you were on the field. The NFL Players Association filed a grievance on July 10 challenging the policy stating it “infringes on player rights.” Today, the NFL and the NFLPA reached a “standstill agreement” and the new rule will not be in place currently.

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The standstill comes after the Miami Dolphins created a policy that would the team to fine or suspends players for still protesting during the anthem, against the then NFL policy, and cited it as “conduct detrimental to the club.”

The backlash from the recent policy developments in the NFL has resulted in a suspension of the policy.


The NFL announced in May that teams would be fined if any players didn’t stand during the national anthem but allowed for players to remain in the locker room.

Sources for ESPN report the standstill agreement was originally going to be revealed Friday but was pushed up due to the backlash the Dolphins’ decision received.