Our trolling commander in chief is at it again.  President Donald Trump just can’t seem to keep his opinions about the NFL to himself. Trump took to Twitter to critique the policy, call for action from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and suggest his own penalties.

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Trump called on Goodell to kick players out of a game if they kneel during the national anthem and to suspend them without pay for the season if they do it again.


Eric Winston, the president of the NFL Players Association, responded to Trump on Twitter by saying, “Thanks for your thoughts, but we’ll take it from here.”

The sad part about this is, the NFL owners have displayed a fear of Trump before, and his policy demand may be taken more seriously because of it. His tweet follows closely behind the NFL’s announcement that the league would put off an official national anthem policy until its next collective bargaining agreement was negotiated. It also comes after the Miami Dolphins’ announcement that they had not made a decision on their team anthem policy after initial reports saying they would suspend players.

If only the president would talk this tough to the man he so admires, Vladimir Putin. You know, the one Trump fawned over on Monday despite knowing for more than 18 months that Putin personally ordered the hacking of our electoral process, which just so happens to be the cornerstone of our democracy, not the national anthem.