For far too long, Marvel Cinematic Universe has reign supreme in the comic book movie era. Finally, Warner Brother Studios and  DC  Comics are presenting solid contenders for the throne.

The DC Extended Universe has officially named itself Worlds of DC, according to Heroic Hollywood. Warner Bros. made the announcement at their San Diego Comic-Con panel in Hall H on Saturday.  After the rebranding, DC finally dropped trailers to their next two projects. First up was Aquaman.


The long-awaited trailer opens on a stormy sea, with Jason Momoa’s voiceover describing his mother (an Atlantean) and father (a lighthouse keeper) meeting. A young Arthur Curry is bullied in an aquarium and reveals that he can communicate with fish. The adult Aquaman then drops into a submarine and starts kicking butts.

Amber Heard’s character Mera describes Aquaman has to take his place as king of Atlantis to stop an impending war. The trailer gives extensive looks at Atlantis and the various characters. “You think you’re unworthy to lead because you’re of two different worlds,” Mera tells Aquaman. “That is exactly why you are worthy.”

Then there’s Shazam!, which looks like it could be DC’s first outright comedy.

With the film’s release date (April 5, 2019) still nearly a year away, this trailer seems to focus on a few key scenes setting up the premise, with young Billy Batson (Asher Angel) gifted by a mysterious stranger with the ability to turn into a big red superhero (Zachary Levi) by just calling out the word “Shazam!”

With Marvel taking the rest of the year off, now is the perfect time for DC Comics to strike a clear counter-attack towards their competition.