Janelle Monae saw her name in the news recently: but not for her music. Rumors spread of Monae and Tessa Thompson being in a lesbian relationship, but it was sort-of confirmed and sort-of not. Anywho, Monae stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to remind us that she just dropped an album (Dirty Computer) and detailed the process of crafting it. In the interview, Monae stated that Stevie Wonder was a direct influence in creating the album and she asked how he dealt with losing friends from the Civil Rights Movement such as Martin Luther King.

“I was asking him how he dealt with losing his friends like Dr. King and all of the people who were part of that civil rights movement, and I knew he would be able to tell me because this is somebody who has been responsible for getting Dr. King’s holiday and he’s gone through a lot,” she said. “And he told me that I cannot allow my anger, my words of anger, to get in the way of love. Make sure that when I’m communicating to people that words of love are the last thing that they hear, because you’re not going to win any other way.”

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Check out Monae’s entire interview with Stephen Colbert, below.


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