JR Smith finally bids farewell to his former teammate Lebron James via his Instagram.

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Better late than never, JR Smith gets around to wishing James his well wishes on Instagram. In a three-word post, Smith used a picture to reminisce to some of the good times shared between the two. In the epitome of bromance after Smith’s epic postseason faux pas in the finals, he had this to say:

Thanks bro @kingjames

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The picture shows Smith and another player helping James from off the ground. While some fans used the comment section of this post to go off on Smith for being the reason why James booked a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, the King in regal posture responded back with all love. Showing at least for face value on the ‘gram that there is no love lost between to the former teammates.

Some people questioned why it took so long for Smith to make a statement on the jersey switch heard round the world. However, it could be a simple reason for the late post. Let’s not forget that Smith suffered meme-blowback on a Meek Mill level after his feud with Drake. Immortalizing his mistake on social media for more than a brief cycle. Checking out the #JRSMITH hashtag during the NBA Finals would probably bring up a meme faster than any kind of up to date commentary on live games. It would be a lot to process as being the singular scape-goat for why the Cavs crumbled in on themselves while facing Golden State.

Some classic reminders of Smith’s shot clock folly were even brought up by Danica Patrick during the Espy’s. Although directed at King James we are sure JR felt all the burn:

Some other classic Memes were directed blaming Smith’s squinty eyes for the problem. Most focused on James’ frantic arm throw looking at Smith. Either way, lets take a walk down memory lane and remember Smith’s infamous finals mistake.

Others pointed out where was Smith going…

Some took a more Homer Simpson choking at Bart Simpson flair…

Hahaha! ??? . . #funny #jrsmithisafool #jrsmithmemes

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Some people even capitalized on the misconception that they were up…

Some people quoted Future…

FSE?? #nba #jrsmithmemes

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And our favorite picture in picture response:

And the Simpsons remain undefeated…