Street credibility may be a regarded component of Hip Hop, yet a lot of it can get you into some serious trouble. That is a reality  for 20-year-old Dallas-based rapper NaNa, born Nykees Earl Campbell, who was hit with a 12-year jail sentence last Wednesday (July 18) when a judge used his own lyrics as evidence against him.

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As indicated by Dallas News, U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn gave the rapper the heavy sentence in the wake of coordinating up his verses with real violations he was associated with submitting. One of those violations he rapped about point-by-point the narrative of theft in which the individual rapping shot somebody in the face eight times.

“You’re bragging about shooting a person,” Judge Lynn said in court. “It’s violence times 10 at every phase.”


Considering that NaNa is being condemned on account of verses about viciousness, you would expect that he would really be getting accused of a brutal wrongdoing. Actually NaNa, who is said to be an individual from the YNB Stretch Gang, is being sentenced for pleading guilty to cocaine distribution back in February. The YNB Stretch Gang is assumed to have played a major part in the crime waves in the city.

Judge Lynn trusts that NaNa’s verses about shooting somebody eight times in the face legitimizes giving the rapper a harsher sentence. He was initially confronting a six-year stretch.

While utilizing rap verses against a suspect in court is certifiably not another one, it’s not all that frequently that you see that kind of thing play out. In 2014, it was accounted for that prosecutors would utilize Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga” verses to put forth their defense against the rapper, who is as of now doing jail time for conspiracy and criminal possession of a weapon.

NaNa’s lawyer, Dianne Jones McVay, says the judge doesn’t have anything but rap verses to hand the rapper this 12-year sentence.