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R. Kelly has been in the hot seat for allegedly leading a sex cult of young women. Not only did he suffer from the backlash of social media, Spotify pulled his music from playlists as apart of their hateful conduct policy, and BuzzFeed is partnering with Hulu to produce a documentary based on the sexual allegations throughout the singer’s career.

For the most part, the Pied Piper remained silent despite the video that surfaced with him saying it’s “too late” for the #MeToo movement to come after him because his music has been injected into our hearts for 30 years. But now he is ready to spill all the tea.

R. Kelly took to Instagram Live to preview a 19-minute track, and you can already assume that he had a lot to say within that time frame. “Just wanna do my music stop stressing me / Allow me to age gracefully,” he sings on the unnamed track. He spoke about everything from sex cult, to being illiterate, dating Aaliyah, #MuteRKelly and more.


Check out the preview below: