Denzel Washington is one of the most revered and polished icons in Hollywood, so when he sat down with fellow legend Jamie Foxx things went a little off script in the candid interview.

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In the latest edition of the Thrillist and Grey Goose series Off Script, Jamie and Denzel discuss a variety of subjects from roles that were mistakenly passed up to their love for Cardi B as the two relax and have a few laughs.

In regards to his stunts, Washington reveals that at 63 years old, he still performs most of his on-screen stunts.


“I do most of my stunts,” Denzel said. “you won’t see me jumping off of nothing but the fight scenes and things like that I still do.”

When it comes to his legendary and iconic status in Hollywood, Washington states that he doesn’t look at his peers in Hollywood as competition.

“It’s not a competition,” Denzel continued. “I’m not competing against others, I am just trying to get better and that’s why I act on stage, in movies, direct and produce because I like new challenges.”

While discussing his moment at the Oscars with the legendary James Bond actor Sean Connery, Washington divulged that it was after Connery took the stage, that he decided to take it to the streets by jacking a floral arrangement from the prestigious event.

“Let me tell you a Sean Connery story, he was up for the Untouchables and I was up that year for I think it was Cry at Freedom and he comes out to present an award and got a three-minute standing ovation- for presenting an award, I went to get the coats,” Denzel said laughing. “I’m going to get the coats because I know I ain’t winning tonight. So now we are leaving and I’m not leaving without the Oscar right, so I said, ‘I’m leaving with something’ and my mom said, ‘get the flower arrangement.’ True story.”

Check out the hilarious interview below.