Some people will do anything to afford the highest of fashion — you know, Gucci, Fendi, Burberry and other luxe fashion houses. However, what’s the point in putting value in these big brands when they might not even value the very clothes that you’re going ham (and in some cases broke!) just to stunt in? For the latter brand previously mentioned, they’ve even gone as far as burning clothing in an effort to protect their brand identity.

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Here’s how The Times UK is reporting this head-scratching story:

“The upmarket label has destroyed more than £28 million [roughly $32.6 million USD] of unwanted products over the past year. Even at its notoriously high prices, that is the equivalent of more than 20,000 of its signature trench coats.

The company’s ability to read the fashion runes also appears to be worsening, with the value of its waste up 50 per cent in two years and almost six times greater than in 2013. More than £90 million [over $105.2 million USD] of Burberry products have been destroyed over the past five years.”


Burberry Long Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat – $1,990.00

Now the thing is, nobody’s saying that these clothes should go to a discount department store or be given out to the homeless — there are people less fortunate who could use any type of clothing, FYI! — but there is such thing as upcyling, which we saw the guys at Public School doing with their latest presentation during New York Fashion Week: Men’s not too long ago. At the core of it all, there are so many better options than burning garments — especially all the eye-grabbing pieces that Burberry comes through with season to season!

Image: Burberry

Read the full article over at The Times UK, which goes deeper into the reasoning behind this mind-boggling trend, and peep the Burberry Fall 2018 runway show from February below. Hopefully these don’t get incinerated before you get a chance to hit the play button:

Source: The Times UK