Amid a board at Comic-Con this end of the week, Ryan Reynolds communicated his longing to investigate Deadpool’s sexuality in future movies and incorporate more LGBTQ characters in the saint’s universe.

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As Variety brings up, Deadpool’s modify sense of self Wade Wilson is a self-portrayed pansexual, and Reynolds needs his character to develop that personality considerably more later on.

“I certainly think that this universe…needs to represent and reflect the world in very real ways,” the actor said, responding to a fan asking if future Deadpool movies will include more queer characters. “The great thing about Deadpool is that we’re allowed to do things that other superhero movies don’t necessarily do. It’s something that I’d love to see more of, certainly through Wade, certainly through this universe because it’s something that we’re building out more.”


Whenever asked, the merc’s co-maker Fabian Nicieza tweeted about his sexuality in 2015. “Deadpool is whatever sexual inclination his brain tells him he is in THAT moment. And then the moment passes.”

Beside Wade Wilson, Deadpool 2 depicted Negasonic Teenage Warhead in a lesbian relationship following performer Brianna Hildebrand’s ask.

While at Comic-Con, Reynolds additionally advanced the blu-beam adaptation of Deadpool 2, highlighting a broadened cut with scenes of the vigilante “killing baby Hitler,” as per Variety. He likewise endeavors to collaborate with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine