On Wednesday (July 25) Serena Williams spoke out about the random drug tests that she receives and believes the frequency in which they occur are discrimination. Williams understands that “At least I’ll be keeping the sport clean” but does wish that other American players would be tested just as frequently as she has been tested five times this year, more than anyone else. Agreeing with the belief of discrimination is rapper Common who agrees there are efforts to discredit the tennis superstar.

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TMZ caught up with the Chicago rapper at the airport and he spoke in favor of his ex-bae stating someone wants to “take her down” because of her race. “As a black woman, do you think she’s getting discriminated against? YES,” he shared.

“If they’re testing her more than anyone else, it’s a reason for that,” Common continued. “And there’s conscious and subconscious and I would say conscious is the fact that she’s a black woman and they’re looking for some reason to be able to take her down and discredit her … but she’s the queen!”


Check out Common sharing his thoughts regarding Serena Williams below.