The NBA players and fans were surprised to see DeMarcus Cousins leave the New Orleans Pelicans and join the Golden State Warriors, that includes Pelicans superstar forward Anthony Davis. The NOLA big man was a guest on Reiter’s Block on CBS Sports where he details his reaction to the news.

“I was a little shocked,” Davis said. “But I know DeMarcus. He made the best decision for him and his career at that time and for his family. I understand it’s a business. Of course, I definitely would have loved for us to keep going. But at that point, I’m not sure what was going on with his situation or what was going through his head.”

AD states that he also tried to relate with what Cousins situation was stating: “It’s a lot coming from being traded [from the Sacramento Kings] and feeling like you deserve a max contract and then you rupture your Achilles.”