As you may have heard, early Wednesday morning a person purportedly hauled a pickax out of a guitar case and got down to business on Donald Trump’s Hollywood star in LA, crushing it to bits before turning himself into nearby police.

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As per the Los Angeles Times, Austin Clay, 24, was accused of lawful offense vandalism and kept on $20,000 bail. Yet, out of the shadows, a confidant in the deep rooted battle against a similar stretch of walkway ventured in to assist his faithful comrade, supposedly making good thousands out of a show of wonderful solidarity.


As per TMZ, the saint bailing Clay out is none other than James Otis—the person who destroyed Trump’s star with a pickax and a heavy hammer two years back. He apparently wants to meet with Clay when he’s released from prison, so the two can talk about their common disdain of Trump, pickax inclination, and maybe begin plotting for at whatever point the star gets reconstructed.

Wednesday’s episode was altogether gotten on record (which is very relieving in case you’re into watching things get annihilated) before Clay transformed himself into police. A witness disclosed to CBS Los Angeles she saw a man “going to town” on the fix of walkway at around 3:30 AM, “like it was his business just to be tearing up the ground.”

Clay was in jail a couple of hours after the fact, gazing intently at $20,000 bail until Otis swooped in and saved him. Much the same as Otis return in 2016, Clay is looking up to three years in jail, however could take in some things from how his new buddy kept away from it: argue no challenge, and get slapped with probation, network benefit, and a fine—allowed to wander the lanes of LA and ransom the following person who wrecks our leader’s Hollywood star.