Joey Crack is everywhere like it’s the 80s and we are here for the insane high. While stopping by Hot 97 to promote his upcoming album Family Ties with his new artist, Dre, he talks about his recent pop up hype man performances with his idol, KRS1. Joe has declared his admiration for KRS1 for years and it was no shock to anyone in the room that the Bronx bomber gushed when asked about the playing sidekick to the Blast Master.

While he doted on his hero (adding that LL Cool J is also his hero), he noted two very interesting facts about Prodigy’s funeral.

First he said that Prodigy’s funeral was one of the “most beautiful” funerals he had ever attended. But secondly, he talked about how P even until his death had major issues (as far as Hip-Hop bars for bars beef goes) with the man he had held in such high regard.

Joe says “[At Prodigy’s funeral] they said he was angry until the day he died with KRS for dissing The Bridge. They said it at his funeral… That’s how deep this thing is… That’s Hip-Hop!”

And it would get no more Hip-Hop than that. Joe would have definitely known some of the other rap trivia about on of rap’s best lyricist as they shared management teams at Violator Management under the late Chris Lighty. Peep the heartfelt tribute Joe rendered to his friend last year after the great HNIC transitioned.

I remember I had Pun signed to loud records and we would see Hav and P there all the time and would just tell jokes and of course PUN would be pranking us. I stood in the funeral today in disbelief I was so overwhelmed with sorrow just as a fan of Hip Hop music. I couldn't believe we lost a Giant. his music was original and always authentic. he and Hav stayed true to their sound. as I look in the room and saw so many people who have played a part in my life I realized how blessed we are to have had one another in this industry. first we Rap then promote then hit the road to pay our bills. I know I've been threw ups and downs financially and emotionally I can only imagine how hard it was for P to be fighting an illness his whole life and still provided for his family and most of all he did it for his fans. New York we lost a king , a genius a legend I will truly miss him and always have love for the infamous Mobb Deep. Rip Prodigy ???

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Hip-Hop is culture that has raised great emcees, but even greater people who have made (and continue to make great music). Truly a legend, Fat Joe celebrates 25 years as a solo artist. His new single with Dre, “Attention” featuring Chris Brown bubbling on radio, he is primed to do 25 more. Just lean back and just wait!