Beyoncé knew who to call when she wanted to teach the children how to slay. The Drake tapped the Bounce Queen for his hit song, “In My Feelings” and folk want to know who will be the next artist to be dusted by the fairy god-mother magic of New Orlean’s own, Big Freedia?

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But first who is she?


Big Freedia is one of the pioneer Hip-Hop artists from The South that helped launch “Bounce” music into the stratosphere. If you did not know her by her gyrating inspiring tracks, you might have stumbled upon the hit Fuse TV show House of Bounce. The show chronicles her life as an artist, her relationships with everyone from her man to her family and how she is the principle bread winner for the crew and just how genuinely to represent for her beloved LGBT community.

Still that doesn’t answer if she is the secret sauce! Check out the following recipes to slay and get hyped that makes us believe she is… Clearly this is why folk keep coming back to the N.O. to get her on their joints.

She can keep your attention!

She is epic!

She just fun and lives her life out loud!

While her trademark voice added form to Beyoncé’s formation, she was regrettably not in the official video. Rumor has it that she will be in Drake’s.  We will be waiting to see her turn it out. And turn it out she will… “You already know!!!!”