In June, Boots Riley reported that his gathering The Coup was dealing with a unique soundtrack for the new motion picture that he produced and directed, Sorry To Bother You. The film and soundtrack has a similar name with the gathering’s latest collection, yet the soundtrack will be made out of completely new tunes.

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On Sunday, Riley tweeted the tracklist for the nine-melody soundtrack, which incorporates feature highlights from the film’s lead performing artist Lakeith Stanfield, and in addition Killer Mike, Janelle Monáe, E-40, and Tune-Yards.

Riley’s directorial debut is set to hit theaters on July 13 and it’s as of now getting basic praise, with a present score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.


Talking with TIME about his change from music to film, Riley as of late clarified, “I actually started out in film school. What I like about music is that you make a song, you’ve got your ideas in it and people make that song part of their life—they hang out with their friends to it, they get in arguments to it, they get married to it, they get divorced to it. It’s in their world and it takes on its own life. But with film, you get to kidnap people for an hour and 45 minutes, and show them the world through your eyes. I love that.”