If you let certain media outlets talk about Hip-Hop artists, you’d think it is only about money, bros and hoes. And for many it might be, but for so many more… Hip-Hop is a lifestyle that was birthed out of making life better for those down on their backs in The Bronx.

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One of the Bronx number 1 representatives is Ruff Ryders’ own, Kasseem Dean aka Swizz Beatz.

Recently, Swizz hung out in New York eating on the corner with friends. Captured in a video taken by someone’s phone and posted on his IG, there is an endearing and comical exchange between the heavy weight producer and a homeless man.


The homeless gentleman is seen holding new clothes and is complaining that his barber is out of town and that the Dominicans that are in the area will not cut his hair because he is Puerto Rican.  Apparently, Swizz gave him money for a cut… but that was not what he wanted. Eventually, that was enough. Swizz says “You want to get a f*cking haircut” and reaches for a blade from someone off camera and cuts off a little bit. The gentleman scoffs and said “I got a better knife than that” and breaks out his own.

Swizz does not only give back on the street, but has donated millions of dollars to various charities and works with the United Nation to promote peace. This was just another way the Harvard grad gives back.

This was just the level of fun you New Yorkers needed with all the rain that they’ve had over the last week. Who said that rain can’t bring smiles. Surely the Ruff Ryders know differently.