Shiggy made a video challenge with Drake’s song “In My Feelings” that went viral on Instagram and everyone and their mama is doing it! He uploaded a small clip of him referencing to Drake and jokingly confronting him about the rumored money of $250,000 payout. “Had to tell him it’s too late for all that I’m ya brother sh**,” Shiggy said in the caption.

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In the clip, it shows Shiggy jokingly not being in the “In My Feelings” video and approaching Drake about the money inquiry. “Yo, what’s up, bro?” he says. “I heard you gave me 250. I don’t know where my check is at, bro.”

“When I called Universal, they said, like, it’s international from Canada to New York so it’s on the way . . . It’s on the way, baby, It’s on the way,” he said. “You know what happens, I don’t know if you’ve ever sent out a wire, but when you send out a wire, it’s basically seven to ten days.” The internet, Drake added, “is crazy.” Peep the clip below.