Tekashi 6ix9ine rose to modernized Hip-Hop fame last year when he released his single “Gummo,” a new age approach to gangsta rapping. Just like any new rapper or a new hit song, it will be examined and judged, and that is exactly what happened with “GUMMO.” When it comes to classic rappers or OG’s, the reviews can be mixed. 6ix9ine has received kudos from notables in the likes of 50 Cent and legends like Fat Joe. On the flip side, there are OG’s who simply do not find the 22-year-old rapper’s style to be profound, entertaining, or to the standard of the Hip-Hop emcee and Yasiin Bey is one of them.

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The A$AP Mob released the third episode of their AWGE DVD series and the legendary Yasiin Bey, who formerly went by the moniker Mos Def made a truly stimulating appearance. In the YouTube clip, members of the mob play Bey 69’s “GUMMO” music video, which was his first time watching the almost one year old visual and he was absolutely not impressed. Bey immediately noticed 69’s attempt to recreate a form of aggressive rap and cited M.O.P. as one of the architects of the style. “Why is everyone acting like this new? This is a version of the same old shit,” uttered Bey.

Once playtime for “GUMMO” was over, Yasiin mentally and emotionally came to the conclusion that the style of Tekashi 6ix9ine left him in a brief state of depression. The clip ends with the Brooklyn rapper making it known, “This is the most depressing shit I’ve ever seen in my life.”


No one is sure of exactly what Yasiin was expecting to hear from 6ix9ine. But, this form of judgment might serve as a lesson for Hip-Hop artists rocking the catchy melody and flow train. A lesson about balance. Being a professional Hip-Hop lyricist, Bey’s mastered block rhyming which is evident in classics such as “Respiration” and “Mathematics,” it is safe to say his expectations were inclined. Does Tekashi have material that can impress a top tier emcee and overall musician in the likes of Yasiin Bey?

Watch Yasiin Bey reaction to 69’s “GUMMO” music video (15:03) in the YouTube clip below.