Demi Lovato’s friends tried to keep her overdose on the down low as they requested paramedics to arrive to her home without alarms.

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In the 911 call from Lovato’s home, obtained by TMZ, the caller remains calm while speaking to the dispatcher. As the ambulance drew closer, the singer’s friend heard the alarms and asked for them to be shut off so that the neighbors aren’t alerted. In any case, the dispatcher says that is simply impractical.

Demi was raced to a L.A. rehabilitation facility subsequent to a meth overdose. Her crisis came following a a full night of partying for one of her back up dancer’s birthday at Saddle Ranch in WeHo.


Lovato had been battling with drugs for a considerable length of time, even before a month ago’s open admission of a relapse on her tune, “Sober”