Ever controversial NFL owner Jerry Jones once again strikes chords. With protests during the national anthem becoming a dominant storyline for the second straight season, Jones seemingly danced in between the lines of the issue by stating all his players must stand for the anthem before attacking President Trump.

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Speaking regarding Trump, Jones believes that President’s constant input to the issues in the NFL is problematic.

“His interest in what we’re doing is problematic, from my chair, and I would say, in general, the owners’ chair,” Jones said during a news conference on Wednesday. “It’s unprecedented if you really think about it. We feel strongly about how we deal with it and we’ll do so accordingly, but, yes, I, like everybody, would like for it to go away.”


While blasting Trump, Jones shot down the possible NFL policy for his Cowboys that allows players to have the decision to remain in the locker room during National Anthem proceedings.

“Our policy is that you stand at the anthem, toe on the line,” Jones said. “But as far as the Dallas Cowboys are concerned, you know where I stand. Our team knows where I stand on the issue, and that’s where we are.”