Ciara has the world wanting the yummy, as the “Level Up” challenge has literally swept the nation. Now, the “Goodies” goddess is upping the ante by adding Missy Elliott and Fatman Scoop to the official remix.

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Harnessing the vibe of a late ’90s party record, you can’t help move to the infectious beat. Besides, you already know what time it is when you hear that signature Fatman Scoop voice. The collab actually brings to mind another huge hit by the trio. Back in 2005, Missy released “Lose Control” from her album The Cookbook, winning both her and Ciara a Grammy for Best Music Video the following year. With the challenges already circulating, you can bet this remix will be another big tune for the summer, plus another hit for the ladies to share again.

Take a listen to the “Level Up” Remix by Ciara and friends below: