Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s union was one of the biggest events of 2018. Hundreds of celebrities turned out for the ceremony. Although the day was all about them, Kingdom Choir stole the show by delivering a soulful rendition of “Stand By Me.”

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Now the Kingdom Choir can broaden their audience as they have signed a deal with Sony. Sony must have projected solid numbers considering they have already given the choir a November 2 release date.

Nicola Tuer, the COO of Sony Music U.K., was also captivated by the royal wedding performance. In fact, she spoke highly of the group


“We are absolutely thrilled to have signed Kingdom Choir to Sony,” Tuer told Billboard. “Along with the rest of the world, we were stunned by their incredible performance at the Royal Wedding, so we jumped at the chance to sign them.”

Already tasting success, the choir propelled 1961 classic “Stand By Me” to No.1  on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Song chart.

Led by conductor Karen Gibson, she is thankful for the group’s collective success and looks forward to reaching new heights with Sony.

“The Kingdom Choir are absolutely delighted with the journey of the past few months!” Gibson told Billboard. “It’s been a roller coaster, but we wouldn’t have it any other way – first, the honor of being able to sing at the Royal Wedding, and then the thrill of being signed to Sony! It’s like an un-dreamt dream – one that you wouldn’t even consider because you never thought it could happen to you.”

Congratulations to the Kingdom Choir, we wonder if the royal couple will receive an advance copy.