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When Lindsay Lohan starred as the couple twins from Disney’s Parent Trap, who didn’t love her? Well she was cute, but not the Sister, Sister twins… those girls were cute and were actually twins.

When she was the Cady Heron in Mean Girls, who didn’t want her cool girl swag? Well swag is actually relative… so that would be a “no!”

Then when she got all strung out of party drugs, who didn’t want to party with her as she jet-setted across the world with the likes of Paris and Kim K back in the day? Rehab came after those tryst  and so no one was really wanting to hang with her in those junkie days… But there were a few folk checking for her. One person from the Hip-Hop community trying to smash.. Jamaica, Queens hard rock and rap mogul, 50 Cent.


Rumors hit the fan when Fif contacted her agent to try and get a date with the star and in fact, back in 2011, 50 told a crowd at the American Giving Awards when asked about her Playboy spread, “I haven’t seen it but I always wondered what Lindsay’s cooch looks like.” Well, I am sure he saw it… at least in the magazine.

But he probably would be changing his mind if he saw her latest “high jinks.”

It seems that Lindsay Lohan is back to her high partying nights. This time she is smoozing with the republicans overseas. Tiff and LiLo partied Friday night at a fundraiser to help victims of the Greek wildfires. The two of them have been friends for years and while Lohan is not out drunk on the sandy beaches of Mykonos, she is swinging with a Trump and that can’t be good.

50… still wanna see her stuff?