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Nearly all of the NBA free agency chips have fallen but superstar shooting guard Dwyane Wade has not resigned with the Miami HEAT yet. But for Pat Riley, there is no rush, ESPN reports the president of the team states they will be giving Wade as much time as he needs.

The HEAT has made it clear they would love to have Wade back in the fold but are unsure on how much it will cost: a $5.3 million exception or the $2.4 million veteran tax. Either contract will place the team into the luxury tax. Team officials have had contact with the agent for Wade.

“I want him back as a player,” Riley said. “I want him back as a competitor. I want him back as a guy who wants to have the greatest year he ever had as a player. I read more articles about ‘Dwyane being done, he’s lost a step, he’s not the same player, he might not have the same motivation.’ But I still see a player who can contribute heavily if he really wants to.”



Dwyane Wade is also being courted by the Chinese Basketball Association for a contract that would pay out nearly $25 million over the next three years. However, the offer won’t be long-standing as they will look to fill out their roster.

What’s the best method for the HEAT to get Wade back right now?  “I think it’s best that we give him some more time,” Riley said.