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Tay-K has issues with what landed him behind bars as the chances are slim that he may be a free man anytime soon. His issues don’t end there, he is facing a new lawsuit for making a profit off the crimes he committed in the music industry.

The Star-Telegram reports the Dallas rapper is being sued for the revenue made by landing a record deal off of a song that highlighted the murder of Ethan Walker. Zachary Beloate who was also harmed in the shooting is also suing Tay-K and five other defendants, including his manager Eza Averill. Both lawsuits call for over $1 million in damages. Tay-K is also accused of hiding the profits.

“The principle behind this case is that people and corporations shouldn’t profit from violent crimes against the innocent,” the attorney of plaintiff Brian Butcher said. “Taymor McIntyre became a threat to society, possibly with the encouragement of others, in order to promote sales of his music. I want those sales to compensate his victims, not to enrich a record company that supports a child thug.”


The Source will provide more updates for the cases regarding Tay-K as they become available.