Tekashi 6ix9ine is now questioning the credibility of his fellows. The “FEFE” rapper recently appeared on Power 105.1’s The Angie Martinez Show and broke down his recent virtual rift with Chicago rapper Vic Mensa. After a three-part back and forth, 6ix9ine continues to extend the feud as he questioned Vic Mensa’s relevancy during the interview.

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“I don’t even know who that kid is. I put this on everything I love. May God strike me dead, on my daughter’s life, I can not name one song if someone had a gun to my head right now,” the 22-year-old rapper said. “Who is he? Is he even respected? Who knows him? Does he have a Billboard hit? So why are you beefing with me?”

He proceeds to query everyone in the room to drop the name of a song from the Chi-town rapper and not one person gave up a name which triggered 69’s tangent about Mensa’s Hip-Hop credibility. Looking directly into the camera, he continues: “Vic Mensa, this is for you: No one knows you. Like, no one. We’re at a radio station, the hottest radio station probably in New York. No one knows you. I’m not being mean; I literally asked everyone. I gave you a fair chance.”


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Earlier this week, Mensa blasted 6ix9ine for violating his hometown of Chicago and jacking the style of the hometown’s rappers. 6ix9ine responded through an Instagram comment, “Vic mensa can sukk my dikk with his mother’s lips,” and Mensa followed up with a combined warning, “I’ll turn your mother fucking face the color of hair” and attempt to seal the beef, “Honestly, fuck all that beef shit. I’m about positivity, peace, and the music over everything.”

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Tekashi 6ix9ine has not been on the good side of a number of individuals lately. Just last week, he fell victim to a kidnapping and robbery that landed him in the hospital, an attack the Brooklyn rapper describes as an inside job.

Watch Tekashi 6ix9ine’s interview on The Angie Martinez Show below. Catch the Vic Mensa commentary at 1:07:30 mark.